Psychology Professor Jan Cioe to Receive UBC Okanagan’s 2008 Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation

Psychology Professor Jan Cioe to Receive UBC Okanagan’s 2008 Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation

Jan Cioe, Associate Professor of Psychology

Jan Cioe, Associate Professor of Psychology, has been selected to receive UBC Okanagan’s Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation for 2007-2008. The award was announced Thursday afternoon at a ceremony recognizing Cioe and more than two dozen teachers on this year’s UBC Okanagan Teaching Honour Roll.

“Universities have two absolutely essential roles: the creation and the transmission of knowledge,” said Doug Owram, Deputy Vice Chancellor. “We will succeed to the degree that we are able to create a challenging, meaningful and transformational experience for our students.

“The professor who succeeds brings two things to class: enthusiasm for the subject they’re teaching, and the desire and ability to connect with the students in front of them,” said Owram. “I congratulate all of you for your commitment to your university, your students, and your discipline and for being part of the exciting experience that is always ongoing between professors and their students.”

“Each year, the Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation acknowledges one outstanding UBC Okanagan teacher for their expertise in student learning, application of innovative teaching, and leadership in academic development,” said Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, UBC Okanagan Provost and chair of the selection committee. He described Cioe as “an exemplary professor who has become known for his commitment to developing innovative teaching approaches to ensure all students master the course material.

“Among many qualities that he brings are excitement and enthusiasm, and a passion for the subject,” said Abd-El-Aziz. “We are reminded that teaching is more than communicating information. It is about transforming the lives of students.”

Cioe holds a PhD in physiological and comparative psychology from the University of Western Ontario, and a master’s degree in criminology from the University of Cambridge.

Criteria for selection include a superior command of the subject matter, enthusiasm for teaching the content, excellent organization and communication skills, and an overall concern for students’ progress through a course or program of studies.

The award will be formally presented at UBC Okanagan’s Convocation Ceremony on June 6. In recognition of this award, Cioe will receive $5,000 and will join the UBC Okanagan Academy of Teaching Excellence. He will also take part in a colloquium that promotes teaching excellence and participate in the selection process for future teaching award nominees.

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