Deadline approaching for Healthy Workplace Initiative Program Fund

The next application deadline for the Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program fund is quickly approaching, and all faculty and staff are being encouraged to get their applications submitted as soon as possible. The Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program fund is available to UBC departments, units and operational committees to support healthy workplace initiatives and share examples of good […]

Sustainability House consultations continue

Sustainability House consultations continue

Have a sustainability idea for the home that could make a big difference? Now is the time to speak up. The Sustainability House consultations organized by the Sustainability Office remain open and available online to the campus community. The campus' input is being sought to help provide a base of ideas about the Sustainability House's […]

With a rescued wood floor, ceiling tiles re-used from the Library, and a complete recycling station, the faculty and staff lounge is part of the campus sustainability story -- and a great place to enjoy your lunch with friends.

New lounge for faculty and staff (ADM 115)

For the past five years, the space formerly known as the Okanagan Room has been used for various functions, but it hasn't been a faculty lounge for a long time. That all changes this Friday morning, when ADM 115 opens as a well-appointed new lounge for faculty and staff. "Faculty and staff told us that […]