Media Releases

Lottery-styled art gala evening coming to UBCO

As a special fundraising event, UBC Okanagan’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (FCCS) organizes a gala evening where good luck plays a part in who takes home which piece of art.

Make-believe zombie apocalypse puts UBC professors to the test

For many, the question of who to bring along in order to rebuild human civilization during a zombie apocalypse has gone unanswered for too long. Now, six UBC Okanagan professors, all from different fields of expertise, aim to settle the issue once and for all—or at least until next year—as they prepare for the second annual Life Raft Debate.

Creative Days opens studio doors for potential artists

Artists interested in UBC Okanagan’s visual arts program are invited to attend a special class with a professor to learn about the program and find out how to put a portfolio together.

From heart evolution to greenhouse gas

UBCO stories you may have missed in 2019 UBCO Okanagan has grown to a student population of more than 10,000. With this growth, has come new research opportunities—currently there are more than 1,600 active projects. UBCO researchers are challenging established assumptions, innovating solutions and creating new knowledge that will have broad impacts on our society. […]

Authors encouraged to put pen to paper and get creative

Budding writers are urged to submit their entries for the annual Okanagan Short Story Contest. Now running for 22 years, the short story contest has a long tradition of introducing new and emerging writers to the Okanagan community. Past winners have gone on to publish with Penguin Random House, Arsenal Pulp Press, and NeWest Press, […]

UBCO hosts a gala evening of art and entertainment

Each year UBC Okanagan’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, in association with the Visual Arts Course Union, hosts a fundraiser and gala event that celebrates the work of local artists.

UBCO professors explain the brilliance behind this year’s Nobel Prize winners

Planets, poverty, peace and powerful batteries. The science and activism behind all of these are tied together this year by the lasting legacy of Alfred Nobel’s annual recognition for game-changes.

Use the humanities to bridge cultural divisions, say UBC profs

Researchers bring reasoning into scientific, often polarizing, issues

Inspired Word Café blends creativity, inclusivity and interactive fun

The Inspired Word Café is a community-based arts organization that plans training, workshops and poetic and literary readings. Organizers are now teaming up with UBC Okanagan’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and the City of Kelowna to host a series of public readings and open mic sessions.

UBC hosts Faith, Community and Culture conference

On the verge of having an international conference on religion cancelled due to political turmoil, UBC Professor Francisco Peña stepped in and is bringing the event to Kelowna.