Our Students

Michael Turner and his book cover

Q & A with Michael Turner

MFA alumni talks about his newly published book

Dania Tomlinson, author

Q & A with Dania Tomlinson

MFA alumna talks about her newly published book

Project(ed) Canadian Identity, creative project by Tyler Fey

Creative projects for critical thinkers

Allowing students to draw in research beyond a course’s assigned readings

BMS student Lark Spartin

talks about her first year in the program

Viral Objects

Viral Objects

Collaborative work by students in Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Performance and Media Studies

Dixon Terbasket (Left) and Sheldon Louis (Right) speak to Grade 12 Art students at KSS about the impact of colonialism on Syilx culture.

Honors 12 Art Students work with Indigenous Mentor to Create Mural

Mural explores the subject of Settler/Indigenous relations

Reimagining Our BA

Reimagining Our BA

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