UBC Okanagan researchers develop faster test for cannabis quality

With the coming legalization of cannabis in Canada, producers are increasingly looking for quick and accurate means of determining the potency and quality of their products.

UBC researchers shine a new light on cancer treatments

Researchers from UBC’s Okanagan campus have discovered a new method of using infrared light to monitor cancer progression during radiation treatment that may lead to better and more personalized therapies.

Q & A with Warren Hare on his just published textbook and how it came together

Warren Hare, an associate professor at the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Science, recently co-authored a new textbook with Dr. Charles Audet of Polytechnique Montréal. “Derivative-Free and Blackbox Optimization” helps fill the gap for quality, accessible material needed in a new and rapidly growing sub-field of computer science. We caught up with Warren […]

New research says location of protected areas vital to wildlife survival

A new study, by 17 conservation scientists and environmental scholars, say the exact location of protective wild spaces is just as vital as committing to set these areas aside.

UBCO researchers introduce system to measure radiation dose in 3D under deformable conditions

UBCO Medical Physics faculty Andrew Jirasek and Michelle Hilts, along with University of Victoria PhD student Evan Maynard, have introduced a novel system to measure radiation dose in 3D under deformable conditions. The milestone was reached by building on the team's previous work in developing and optimizing a 3D radiation dose measurement tool called "gel […]