UBCO researchers introduce system to measure radiation dose in 3D under deformable conditions


Andrew Jirasek (top-right), Michelle Hilts (bottom-right)

UBCO Medical Physics faculty Andrew Jirasek and Michelle Hilts, along with University of Victoria PhD student Evan Maynard, have introduced a novel system to measure radiation dose in 3D under deformable conditions.

The milestone was reached by building on the team's previous work in developing and optimizing a 3D radiation dose measurement tool called "gel dosimetry" - used in commonly available imaging technology such as X-Ray CT imaging.

The development of a deformable 3D dose measurement device for use in radiation therapy dose verification is important as it allows for measurement of dose delivered to tissues that undergo deformation during irradiation.

This work was also done in collaboration with Emily Heath of Carleton University, with support from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Dr. Heath is an expert in calculating radiation dose and future efforts will aim to apply this new tool to validating dose calculated in a deforming environment.

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