Luis LM Aguiar and Tina Marten (PhD Candidate in IGS) Present a Paper

Luis LM Aguiar and Tina Marten (PhD Candidate in IGS) presented a paper entitled “Organizing Behind Bars: Penal Labour Citizenship and Prisoner-Workers Rights in Canada” at the Congress in the Canadian Association for Work and Labour Studies, 4 June 2015, University of Ottawa. Professor Aguiar and Tina Marten also attended a meeting of the Atypical […]

Dr. Kanchan Sarker's Paper Published

Kanchan Sarker's paper "Neoliberaism, GATS, and Higher Education in India: Moving Away  From Its Original Objectives" published in New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry ( March, 2015).  

Dr. Luis LM Aguiar’s course on Cristiano Ronaldo gets the attention of the Globe and Mail!

From The Globe and Mail:      

Luis LM Aguiar Interviewed by Oporto, Portugal Radio Station

Luis LM Aguiar was interviewed in Portuguese on Wednesday 21 January 2015 by a radio station in Oporto, Portugal about his course on Cristiano Ronaldo. This radio programme broadcasts news, events and other occurrences to the Portuguese diaspora. The interview will be broadcasted this Friday and then uploaded to the net as a Podcast at […]

Course on CR7 Creates Buzz

Luis LM Aguiar is teaching a fourth year sociology class on Cristiano Ronaldo, the globally famous Portuguese footballer. The class focuses on Ronaldo and uses sociological theories to understand various aspects of the footballer’s life and how they relate to ongoing social issues and values in the 21st century and of interested to sociologists and […]

What Where Sociologist Reading in 2014?

As the end of 2014 approaches, we thought it a fun initiative to ask the sociology faculty for the books they read this year and would recommend to friends, colleagues and students. Here is a list of those who replied. Luis LM Aguiar: Paul Rees, The Three Degrees: The Men Who Changed British Football Forever. […]

Interesting Additional Course for Jan. 2015

HIST 466: Canada, 1896 to World War ll Political, social economic developments that have shaped Canada from the election of Laurier to World War ll  (3-0-0). Instructor:  Dr. Peter Russell Class times:  MWF 9:30-10:30 a.m. 2014W Term 2

The Search Is On

Dr. James Hull and Dr. Jessica Stites Mor are History’s representatives on an Advisory Committee, convened by the Dean, for the search for Head of Unit 6 at UBCO.

The Search Is On

Dr. Luis LM Aguiar and Dr. Shelley Pacholok are Sociology’s representatives on an Advisory Committee, convened by the Dean, for the search for Head of Unit 6 at UBCO.

Luis LM Aguiar SSHRC Recipient

Luis LM Aguiar is the recipient of $24,000 from SSHRC via the Work in a Warming World Research Network ( he belongs too and housed at York University. The winning projects are (1) The Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) in British Columbia and the Climate Change impact of a two-tiered farmland policy in the Okanagan Valley […]