Unit 2

Top student award goes to UBCO cancer researcher and rural health care advocate

It’s been a dream of Celine Edwards for as long as she can remember—to attend medical school at UBC and improve healthcare delivery for rural populations.

Do our mountains matter?

New reporting led by UBC researchers is examining how changing conditions of Canada’s mountainous regions may impact the rest of the country.

Do additives help the soil?

A UBC researcher is using her latest study to question whether soil additives are worth their salt.

UBC earth scientist offers gardening tip

Miranda Hart digs dirt. The biology professor in UBC Okanagan’s Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences is a researcher and naturalist who has dedicated her career to studying microbes in soil. Specifically, she investigates how soil biodiversity helps ecosystems function, and what happens when we destroy this life in our soils.

UBC researchers explore an often ignored source of greenhouse gas

In a new study from UBC’s Okanagan campus, researchers have discovered a surprising new source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emmissions—bicarbonates hidden in the lake water used to irrigate local orchards.

New Bachelor of Sustainability Degree Proposed

Students – send us your feedback A new degree program is being considered for UBC’s Okanagan campus. The proposed Bachelor of Sustainability would encompass the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, providing an interdisciplinary approach to one of the biggest challenges facing our world today. Some of the features of the envisioned program are: a […]

Think big—at least when it comes to global conservation

According to a group of international researchers, the potential contributions large countries have to protect the environment are being overlooked.