UBC hosts panel discussion about legalization of marijuana

As the legalization of recreational cannabis comes closer to reality, conversations have begun to focus on the implications for campus communities.

Introducing student perspectives on economics

Introducing student perspectives on economics

Jabob Vriens kicks off student contributions with KelownaNow article UBCO senior economics instructor Julien Picault has an assignment for his students in his Economics and Media class: write, write and write. Over the coming months, we'll be publishing their work to the newly created blog "Student Perspectives", with several of the students having their work additionally featured by KelownaNow. […]

Medical Physics students getting real-world experience

Medical Physics students getting real-world experience

New agreement struck between the BC Cancer Agency and UBC's Okanagan campus Real-world experience is important for any university student looking to enter the workforce, but it is especially important for medical physics students, whose careers might involve helping to deliver radiation treatment to cancer patients or researching new methods of delivery. An agreement signed […]

When a family history turns into an unsolved mystery

There are certain things about our families that we know as fact. But what happens when what we thought we knew turns out to be only partly true?

UBC researchers map smoke taint in wine grapes

Grape growers have long sought to protect their crops from the effects of wildfire smoke and research from UBC’s Okanagan campus is giving them new insights.

Mastering Data Science

New 10-month program to provide training in one of Canada’s fastest growing career fields A recent CBC article proclaimed data is now the world’s most valuable commodity, going so far as calling it as “the new oil.” That seems to confirm recent trends that show data scientists are in high demand and enjoy some of […]

UBC prof points to a potential aid in combating the opioid crisis

Kratom may be valuable tool in addressing epidemic As the opioid crisis in Canada reaches alarming new heights, claiming the lives of 2,800 Canadians in 2016, new research suggests that the controversial psychoactive plant kratom could help provide the relief patients, clinicians, and policymakers are looking for. The study, led by researchers at UBC’s Okanagan […]

Amazon’s mysterious methane finally accounted for

In a new study published in Nature, a team of international researchers have discovered the answer to a scientific mystery that has gone unsolved in the Amazon Rainforest for the past 10 years.