Media Advisory

UBC’s top debaters discuss whether Western democracies are failing

UBC Okanagan’s top debaters face off against one another Wednesday at the fifth annual Roger Watts Debate.

UBC astrophysicist to explain dark matter, energy and dawn of the cosmos in free public talk

For anyone who has ever looked into the night sky and wondered how it all came to be, UBC Okanagan is hosting an evening with UBC astrophysicist Mark Halpern.

UBC presents a discussion with journalist Mohamed Fahmy

Mohamed Fahmy, an Egyptian-born Canadian, will share his experiences as an imprisoned journalist at a special event at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Nuclear North Korea

UBC Okanagan is hosting a day-long symposium that will bring together experts on North Korea, including Canada’s former ambassadors to North Korea and China, the Consul General of the Republic of Korea, and several Washington, D.C.-based experts of the region, who will discuss the current political international climate.

UBC event explores the impact of mass mining in the 20th century

How mass mining changed people’s lives, moved entire towns