Media Advisory

UBC event explores labour challenges in Okanagan

The Okanagan Valley has seen its fair share of labour disputes over the past few years. A number of groups, including casino workers and bus drivers have walked off the job in protest of wages and working conditions.

UBC Okanagan hosts data science event

Data is everywhere—and data analysis affects the way society approaches problems and develops solutions. Advancements in areas like data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the ways we learn, do business and get around town.

UBC students discuss pipelines in annual student debate

Students, faculty and the public are invited to watch UBC Okanagan’s top debaters tackle what may be the most controversial issue in Canada today—Be It Resolved That Canada Needs More Pipelines.

UBC brings Wired editor Nicholas Thompson to Kelowna

Almost daily, there is news of advances in science and technology and how these changes will impact our lives. How secure is our data? How much will artificial intelligence influence our everyday lives or our work as we know it? Keeping on top of these improvements may seem impossible, but Nicholas Thompson—the editor-in-chief of Wired—has his finger on the pulse.

UBC Okanagan hosts conversation on complexity of migration

In our increasingly interconnected world, people around the globe choose to move for many different reasons. Some do so in order to escape poverty, war or persecutions. Others seek new opportunities through jobs, study, family reunion or improve their quality of life. 

Exploring food systems in the Okanagan

The Okanagan Research Forum invites the community to listen to experts and take part in an open discussion about the future of food production in the Okanagan.