Unit 6

Three UBC Okanagan students capture Killam Doctoral scholarships

A trio of UBC Okanagan researchers have each been awarded the UBC Killam Doctoral Scholarship, marking the first time in three years any nominee from UBC’s Okanagan campus has captured the most prestigious award available to graduate students.

Museum exhibit highlights contributions of early immigrants

A new display at the Okanagan Wine and Orchard Museum emphasizes the perseverance of early Chinese and Japanese immigrants, despite the discrimination they faced.

Sociologist Luis Aguiar reviews new book 'Who Cleans the Park?'

Luis LM Aguiar endorses, on the back cover, the new book Who Cleans the Park? by John Krinsky and Maud Simonet (Chicago 2017). Amongst other comments, Aguiar writes that this book interprets "the park" as a workplace and uses a neoliberal framework to study it.

Marina Prado Nogueira successfully defends MA thesis

Sociology professor Luis LM Aguiar’s graduate student, Marina Prado Nogueira, recently successfully defended an MA thesis on domestic workers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, entitled Bringing Rights to the Table: Domestic Workers’ Experiences Defending Labour Rights in Brazil. The examining committee unanimously congratulated Nogueira in "writing a brilliant thesis".