UBC IT Okanagan Online Helpdesk is moving!

With the launch of Workday on November 2, both UBC IT Okanagan’s online ticketing system and UBC Okanagan’s Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Helpdesk have joined the Integrated Services Centre on the UBC Self-Service Portal (cwl login required).

The intent of these changes is to provide an improved level of coordination and services to the campus community by making it easier for staff and faculty in the Okanagan, and across UBC, to access a variety of UBC support services from a single website.  This also represents a step towards the goal of more aligned and integrated access to information technology (IT) and learning technology (LT) support services between the campuses.

Using the Portal

Through the UBC Self-Service portal, you will be able to:

  • Search the knowledge bases to find answers to IT questions or Workday job aids and FAQs
  • Submit a ticket for Workday, IT or LT support on both campuses
  • Track all your IT, Workday or LT support requests in one place

For help using the portal check out these short videos:

  • Familiarize yourself with the portal here
  • Learn how to search the knowledge bases here
  • Learn how to submit a ticket here

IT Helpdesk Changes

In the Okanagan, the local IT support will remain the same, but requests for IT support will be submitted via the Self-Service Portal instead of to helpdesk.ok.ubc.ca. A new Campus drop-down menu has been added to request forms to help ensure you’re connected to the right team, on the right campus, to provide better support services for all users.

This will provide a more seamless helpdesk experience by enabling requests to be more easily shared across multiple support teams, and provide a more consistent login using your CWL credentials.

After November 2, users from the Okanagan will be automatically redirected to the UBC Self-Service Portal to submit any new requests for IT support. The current IT Helpdesk website (helpdesk.ok.ubc.ca) will remain available to access historical information or complete any IT requests in progress. Click HERE for FAQs on how to submit common IT requests on the UBC Self-Service Portal.

CTL Helpdesk Changes

After November 2 you can reach the CTL Helpdesk in two ways:

  1. As you always have, by sending an email to ctl.helpdesk@ubc.ca; or
  2. By logging in with your CWL to the UBC Self-Service Portal to submit a request.

As part of this transition, CTL is partnering with our LT Hub colleagues to form a seamless helpdesk experience. One change you may note when you email the CTL Helpdesk is that you will now receive an automatic email response with a ticket number; this approach will help us better track your requests, issues and questions.

The CTL team will continue to provide the same level of support through the new system.

Check out the FAQs on using the Self-Service Portal to request IT support or contact Justin Avdich or Erin Trifunov with any questions.