IT Support for 2020-21 Term 2 Start-up 

IT Service Desk Operations


Please note our Service Desk is not yet open for unscheduled in person walk-ins. On-site (in person) appointments can be scheduled by submitting a request by phone (250-807-9000) or online using the UBC Self-Service Portal (“Get Help”).

Phone / online support hours are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Priority will be given to classroom emergencies and issues impacting the ability to deliver teaching and learning, such as computer hardware issues and classroom delivery or online delivery issues.

We are planning for a greater resumption of services and hope to modify this schedule in the near future.

Online Support 

Our UBC Okanagan Online IT Helpdesk has moved to the UBC Self Service Portal, along with the Integrated Services Centre (ISC) for Workday support and the CTL Helpdesk. You can use the Self-Service Portal to get help for a variety of issues from getting started with Workday to requesting IT onboarding for a new Okanagan employee. For help using the portal check out these short videos:

  • Familiarize yourself with the portal here
  • Learn how to search the knowledge bases here
  • Learn how to submit a ticket here

Click HERE for FAQs on how to submit common IT requests on the UBC Self-Service Portal, or for more details about this change click HERE.

IT Equipment Needs

If you have any questions about IT equipment our team is more than happy to meet with you to provide recommendations. Please submit a request on the UBC Self-Service Portal:

  1. “Request a Service”
  1. “Request Desktop or AV Support” (middle box)
  1. Provide more information about your request (consultation, quote, loaner equipment)
  1. Select Desktop Support for “Type” & Other for “Request type” then submit

Computer Replacement Program (CRP) 

New Hires

We are continuing to process requests for computer equipment for all new full-time, ongoing positions.

Administrators looking to set-up accounts and services beyond Zoom for individuals that are new to UBC can use the “Okanagan – Employee IT Onboarding” form, a one-stop form with the ability to request accounts, phone service and IT equipment.

  1. Go to the UBC Self-Service Portal and login with your CWL credentials.
  1. Choose “Request a Service” ->
  1. Select Accounts & Access (from the left menu bar)
  1. Select the “Okanagan – Employee IT Onboarding” request form.
  1. Full instructions on how to complete this form with screen shots can be found HERE.

Renewal Requests  

We are processing cyclical CRP renewals now, but prioritizing equipment that must be replaced due to failure or significant age.

Please contact us by submitting a ticket if you have specific concerns about your equipment’s health via the UBC Self-Service Portal:

  1. “Request a Service”
  1. Request Desktop or AV Support
  1. Select Desktop Support for “Type” & Other for “Request type”

More information on CRP is provided here:

New Equipment 

Please note that worldwide demand and supply chain challenges continue. We request your patience as we try to procure and install equipment in as timely a process as possible. Please try to submit requests for new equipment as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we are not able to support hardware or software purchased directly from retailers by staff and faculty as it may not perform properly in the UBC setting due to lack of enterprise support features, warranty limitations, privacy standards or application licensing issues. Please contact us for help with purchasing supported equipment.

Loaner Equipment

Our inventory for mobile loaner equipment (e.g. laptops) has been depleted due to accommodations made to support the transition to teaching remotely. We are prioritizing mobile devices required to support teaching and learning delivery however we do have many desktop loaners available. We appreciate your understanding that in some cases adaptations may be required.

Moving Equipment

As resumption plans come into effect and faculty and staff return to work remotely or onsite, we are receiving requests for reconnecting IT equipment. Before moving IT equipment (home or back onsite) please contact IT Services for advice and planning to ensure smooth transition.

Please submit a ticket to the UBC Self-Service Portal:

  1. “Request a Service”
  1. Request Desktop or AV Support
  1. Add the asset tag number of any equipment you will be moving
  1. Select Desktop Support for “Type” & Other for “Request type”

Some machines may need different cables to connect to home networks or be updated to ensure UBC security requirements are in place while not connected to the UBC network. As well, we are required to track the location and assignment of IT assets. Please note that IT will only execute moves back to campus offices for departments with approved resumption plans.


Sanitizing Shared Printers

Best practices for printer sanitizing:

  • Ensure hand sanitizer is available in the print room or nearby the printer. Please inform staff that they are encouraged to sanitize their hands pre & post printing (this should be included in safety plans as a procedure as well).
  • If desired, occasional gentle wipe down with a 70/30 alcohol-based wipe for use on electronics. The following is available through Workday Staples catalogue:

Please avoid the following as significant damage will occur to the printer surfaces and control panel:

  • Spray disinfectants.
  • Lysol or other antibacterial wipes other than 70%+ alcohol content.
  • Use of pens, stylus or other objects to push on the screen.

Ordering Printer Paper

There is a new process to order printer paper for departments using Workday. This involves using an IT Program Code to charge the orders to so that you no longer need to be reimbursed for these charges (the cost of paper, toner, maintenance etc. is included with the pay-for-print charges billed to departments based on actual printing volume).

Further information will be shared on this new process shortly, however in the meantime please email for any questions.

Student Printer Support

With reduced academic, research and operational activity on campus, building hours and access have changed. A limited number of printers are still available on campus for student use including a colour printer located in the Commons Building (COM 106).

Click Here to find out which student printers are available and how to get support.

Zoom Accounts

UBC has a campus-wide license for Zoom as a platform for delivering courses online and larger meetings. For more information on the service, please visit:

Zoom Eligibility

Zoom is available to all UBC Employees (faculty, staff and paid students), for meeting and collaboration purposes, as well as for live, online classes of up to 300 attendees. To meet the account eligibility requirements, the user must have the following:

  1. CWL with an active employee status
  2. An active Faculty and Staff (FASmail) mailbox

Zoom Accounts: Bulk create for Teaching Assistants

The preferred method for creating Zoom accounts for TA’s is to do them in bulk. Administrators may request accounts on behalf of their teaching assistants by:

  1. Complete an excel spreadsheet with three columns (FASmail, First Name, Last Name).
  1. Note that the email address must be a FASmail Account.
  1. Visit UBC Self-Service and login with your CWL credentials
  1. Choose Request a Service –>Request Desktop or AV Support (middle square.)
  1. Title for the issue: “Bulk Zoom Accounts Request for <DEPT>”
  1. Details: requesting bulk creation of Zoom accounts for TAs in <DEPT> and Date required.
  1. Choose Audio Visual for support type
  1. Click on the paper clip icon at the bottom left to Add attachments to upload and submit your excel spreadsheet.
  1. Click Submit.

Single Zoom Account creation

For single account requests, after the FASmail account is created complete the following steps to request a Zoom account:

  1. Visit UBC Self-Service and login with your CWL credentials
  1. Choose Request a Service –> Request Desktop or AV Support (middle square.)
  1. Title for the issue: “Zoom Account Request for <NAME and/or DEPT>”
  1. Details: requesting creation of Zoom account for (FASmail, First Name, Last Name) in <DEPT> and Date required.
  1. Choose Audio Visual for support type, Click Submit.

Technical Zoom Support for Teaching

If you have a general question about the use of Zoom within your course, please refer to the Zoom information on the CTL Website or contact CTL Support for further assistance.

If you have a general technical issue or question, please use the UBC Self-Service Portal enter an IT Ticket (“Request a Service” -> “Request Desktop or AV Support” – select Audio Visual for support type) to schedule a technician to assist you.

Remote Teaching & Learning

Blended Teaching Studio Classrooms

Come to campus to pre-record lectures, videos, and other multimedia to enhance your online teaching. The classrooms in Library are well-equipped, distraction-free spaces designed to help you produce high-quality learning content for your course. Bring your own laptop, or use one of the Windows PCs provided. Onsite IT assistance is available.

For more information on available rooms and times click here.

Guides for Working Remotely

We have created several articles to help Staff and Faculty navigate working and teaching remotely on our Knowledgebase website, knowIT. Click HERE for more details.

For recommended equipment to support video meetings please see this guide.

Remote Labs

To support remote teaching and learning requirements, UBC Okanagan provides a remote access service, RemoteLabs, that enables our students the ability to access a UBCO lab computer from the convenience of their own home over the Internet. For details on how to access and use RemoteLabs please click HERE.

Student Support

Student IT Support – PTA

Peer Technology Assistants are part of the Student Learning Hub team to support students with:

  • Technical assistance
  • Canvas and other UBC learning technologies
  • Access to UBC programs and software
  • Troubleshooting software issues
  • Information about online learning resources

Click HERE for drop-in session times and details on how to contact them for support.