Client Services

QuickTime for Windows Automated Removal Scheduled for May 2nd

Two recent serious vulnerabilities with QuickTime for Windows have been announced.  These vulnerabilities could allow remote attackers to take control of affected systems. Despite being aware of these since November of last year, Apple has not published plans to fix these vulnerabilities.  They have instead recommended users uninstall QuickTime for Windows. Those users with ITServices managed Windows PCs who have QuickTime installed will receive […]

SAS v9.3/9.4 License Renewal Completed

Update 2016.04.20 @ 16:58 - We are now automatically pushing the updated license files to all managed PCs on campus that have SAS installed. Effective immediately, IT, Media and Classroom Services now has the latest license codes for SAS.  These codes will carry us through March 31, 2017. Unlike SPSS licensing, which is centrally controlled […]

UBCO Print Billing System - PaperCut

Last year UBCO ITServices implemented a new Print Management system called PaperCut.  Along with this implementation a change occurred in how print billing occurs.  Print billing is now run by UBC Housing (Food Services) in Vancouver - the department that manages our Student Meal Plan for all of UBC. Please note that photocopying charges will still be billed from ITServices. […]

[RESOLVED] buyit, cms, forms, osticket, ac Sites Offline for Emergency Security Patching

Update 2016.03.01 @ 13:24: Service has been restored. Due to emergency security work being performed on the server, the following web sites are currently offline for https traffic:

[RESOLVED] n14 server volume n14_data3 out of disk space

Update 2016.02.21@00:40 - The issue was traced to a single user with a short-term need for additional storage.  Additional storage has been temporarily added to this volume to accommodate their need. As of 7:34pm, the n14 server volume n14_data3 has run out of disk space. Users on campus may receive a persistent pop-up message warning them […]