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UBC Workspace 2.0 File Sharing Service Now Live

Workspace 2.0 is going live for all of UBC today between 10:00 and 14:00.  Workspace 2.0 is the FIPPA compliant UBC hosted Dropbox-like service that allows staff and faculty to share files internally and externally. As employee accounts are activated in this system, they will receive an automated email from the Workspace system informing them […]

UBC Workspace 2.0 Email

UBCIT has officially launched Workspace 2.0.  An email was sent out yesterday notifying qualifying users that Workspace 2.0 is now available.  Workspace 2.0 is the FIPPA compliant UBC hosted Dropbox-like service. A copy of this email is included at the bottom of this article.  If you receive this email, and the information in it matches […]

Print System Upgrade

UBC Okanagan will be implementing a new print management software package called PaperCut this summer.  What is PaperCut?  PaperCut is a software application designed to help organizations manage enterprise printing.  The implementation of PaperCut will happen over a number of phases.  The first phase will involve updating staff/faculty printing in July and student copier/printing in […]

SAS v9.3 License Renewal Completed

Effective immediately, IT, Media and Classroom Services now has the latest license codes for SAS.  These codes will carry us through March 31, 2016. Unlike SPSS licensing, which is centrally controlled and updated through a license server, SAS license codes must be manually updated on a per-machine basis. If you are a SAS user whose […]

SPSS License Renewal Completed, v23 Now Available

Effective Friday, May 22nd @ 11:30am, our SPSS concurrent licenses have been renewed for SPSS v22.  In addition, SPSS v23 is now available.  Our complete list of licensed SPSS products is now: Advanced Statistics AMOS* Bootstrapping Categories Complex Samples Conjoint Custom Tables Data Preparation Decision Trees Direct Marketing Exact Tests Forecasting Missing Values Neural Networks Regression […]