Client Services

Moving G: drive to new server on Thursday, Feb 4th @ 7:30am

On Thursday, February 4th, at 7:30am the campus G: drive will be moved to a new server. As the G: drive is used by very few individuals on campus, there is no expected impact to users. It is expected that this change will be complete by 2:30pm.

SPSS License Server Access Restricted Dec 14th - VPN to be required for off-campus access

Update 2015.12.14 @ 17:55 - the issue with access from the Vancouver campus was found to be a missing firewall rule. This rule was visually verified and put into production when the SPSS license server restriction was placed into effect at 16:00 today, but was missing from the production firewall when it was re-checked at […]

[Resolved] Google/Youtube and related sites slow to load or unresponsive

Update 2015.11.30 @ 13:00 - our upstream provider has not given us any updated information with regards to this traffic congestion issue. Our internet link is quite congested at the moment, so users may experience slower than usual internet access. This is a shared resource with finite capacity, and we are doing our best to manage it within those limits.