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Microsoft Windows 10 - Availability and Support

Current Support Status: General Availability

Windows 10 is now available by request. All new and re-imaged systems will also be receiving Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10 - Creators Update Now Available

If you want to read more about what changes Windows 10 Creators Update brings, check out this blog post from Microsoft. Effective Thursday, September 21st, any new or re-imaged machine deployed by ITServices will be receiving Windows 10 Build 1703 - Creators Update. We are currently assessing how best to roll this update out to existing […]

SPSS License Renewal Completed

Effective Wednesday, May 31nd @ 1:34am, our SPSS concurrent licenses have been renewed for the following: SPSS v22 SPSS v23 SPSS v24 AMOS v22 AMOS v23 AMOS v24 SamplePower Visualization Designer Our complete list of licensed SPSS products is: Advanced Statistics AMOS* Bootstrapping Categories Complex Samples Conjoint Custom Tables Data Preparation Decision Trees Direct Marketing Exact […]

Windows workstation patch for secure management

Windows workstation patch for secure management

Starting on May 10, 2017, ITServices will be pushing out a security update to patch all managed UBC Okanagan Windows workstations.  This patch allows Windows workstations to maintain secure communications to our campus workstation management software [ZenWorks]. macOS and OSX workstations do not require this patch. If there are any workstations in your area that are […]