More Info on Junior Heat Basketball


The mandate of the Jr. Heat Basketball Program is to develop successful individuals through the sport of basketball. Through high performance basketball training we hope to provide our athletes the tools to be successful on and off the court. The vehicle used to achieve this goal is the creation of age-specific club teams selected on the basis of talent, potential, and attitude. While these teams will have opportunities in many competitive tournaments, the development of players remains a higher priority than winning. Our target audiences are the elite boys and girls basketball players located in the Okanagan Valley.

Our training sessions will focus on developing well-rounded players that are able to play multi-positions. Training of the athlete’s decision making and their skill set will be the priority of the practice plans. Our goal is to provide athletes with a good foundation of conceptual play and skills that would help them succeed in any basketball system. Each player will be encouraged to react and think on the court rather than follow strict rules and structure.


The Jr. Heat program will normally consist of age group teams for each gender ranging from U13-U17. This format may change slightly due to provincial tournaments (ie. BC Summer Games) but our goal is to provide a team to the elite players of each age group. The U17 teams will only carry a maximum of two overage players (overage defined as one year older, that is U18) who will train with the team and be able to play in games/tournaments that allow overage players. The U17 teams can be considered ‘prep’ teams in that every attempt will be made to support players’ desire to compete at the post-secondary level. However, players and their parents should understand that selection to the Jr. Heat U17 team does not mean the players will have a spot held for them on the UBC Okanagan Varsity Team.


There will be some fixed costs associated with each team. Fixed costs include, gym rental, team gear, tournament costs, Basketball BC membership for insurance purposes. Cost of travel, accommodations, and food will not covered by the Junior Heat program. We welcome parent and family member spectators at tournaments, and offer all athletes the option of staying/travelling with their parents, or with teammates under parental supervision, to minimize tournament travel costs.

Coach Selection

Persons interested in coaching for the Jr. Heat can apply by filling out an application found on the Jr. Heat website. All applications will be reviewed by the UBC Okanagan men’s and women’s varsity basketball team coaches who will recommend coaches for each age group. As these teams are affiliated with UBC Okanagan, the final decision regarding who will coach will rest with the UBC Okanagan Director of Athletics and Recreation.