Cross-industry Working Group reports on accounting options

The Faculty of Management is planning for future growth, so it can deliver more programs to more students in this high-demand field.

Given the focus-vision of the Faculty, the growth required across management topic areas to achieve this—and a desire to continue to deliver accounting education both within and beyond traditional methods and topics—a working group was created to consider various options for sustainable delivery of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) pre-requisite courses for credit toward the Bachelor of Management degree.

The Working Group included Bachelor of Management students and alumni, several senior representatives from Okanagan accounting firms and industry, management instructors, and a representative of the CPA Association of BC.

Options identified by the Working Group are now presented to the community for comment and focus on three key outcomes:

  • Development of programs focused on “leading and managing fast-changing organizations, with relevance to globally connected regions around the world”
  • Delivery of accounting curriculum for students not planning careers as professional accountants
  • Development of programs sustainable within budget and labour market constraints (specifically, the availability of suitably qualified instructors).

The report is provided here as a document for comment (PDF).


Your comments are welcome.

The Faculty of Management Dean’s office welcomes comments about the report. Comments received will be considered in determining which options will be implemented in the Faculty’s future planning.

In Person: the Open Doors Forum – Accounting Working Group Report will be held Thursday, Oct. 30, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Innovative Learning Centre (EME 1123). The first topic in our Open Doors series will be an opportunity to comment on the Accounting Working Group report. UBC Faculty of Management students, alumni, and community are invited to drop in, share, and discuss.

Online: Please use the form below, or send your comments by email to

Please note that comments about the report will be received until Friday, Nov. 14.

The outcomes identified by the working group are in alignment with the Okanagan campus aspiration to be a model of innovative and interdisciplinary programming within the UBC system, as identified through the recent visioning exercise.