Seven Fallen Feathers author and journalist offering two presentations in the Okanagan

Award-winning author and journalist Tanya Talaga.

Award-winning author and journalist Tanya Talaga will delve into hard truths revealed in her critically acclaimed book, Seven Fallen Feathers: Racism, Death and Hard Truths in a Northern City, during two presentations co-sponsored by UBC Okanagan and Okanagan College.


Will U B my <3?

UBC Okanagan researchers are hoping to better understand interpretations of emojis through a new study.

For some, an eggplant emoji evokes visions of a fabulous dinner, while for others, it could suggest an intimate interlude after dessert.


UBC researchers develop diagnostic tool for detecting cryptosporidium

Engineering doctoral student George Luka says there is an urgent need to develop a fast, flexible, accurate and real-time detection tool to meet the challenge of protecting water consumers.

A handheld 'tricorder' that can test for biological contamination in real-time has been the dream of science fiction fans for decades. And UBC Okanagan engineers say the technology is closer to science fact than ever before.

Business & Politics

Thinking smart about energy use

School of Engineering Professor Kasun Hewage.

British Columbia is poised to become more energy efficient and sustainable thanks to a new research collaboration announced today between FortisBC and UBC Okanagan. They’ve created a Smart Energy Research Chair position to help optimize energy use in BC and reduce the province’s greenhouse gas footprint.