UBC Okanagan students launch virtual exhibition

UBCO fine arts graduate Sara Spencer works on a video while creating her art instalment for the graduate student virtual exhibition.

This year’s exhibition, titled Any Moment, was scheduled to open to the public in an on-campus reception in mid-April. However, as Visual Arts Professor Myron Campbell explains, the art will now be shared as a virtual exhibition.


Community leadership, academic excellence and unwavering determination lead to prestigious Pushor Mitchell recognition

Lake Country’s Teagan MacDougall is the 2020 recipient of the Pushor Mitchell LLP Gold Medal Leadership Prize.

Teagan MacDougall reminds herself of one thing when the going gets tough—how worthwhile this will all be when she’s able to help sick children as a pediatrician.


Can exercise boost your immune system? Yes, but in moderation

UBCO Associate Professor Jonathan Little discusses how just the right amount of exercise can help build immunity.

By now, everyone has read some guidelines on how to stay healthy while living with the COVID-19 stay-at-home policy. Tips include keeping a routine, eating well, not staying up too late and getting exercise regularly. But how much exercise? And is there such a thing as too much exercise?

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UBC Okanagan uncorks new Wine Research Centre headquarters

UBC’s Wine Research Centre, located on the Okanagan campus, is dedicated to fostering cooperation between academic institutions, the wine industry sector and communities around the world.

The renowned wine region of BC’s Okanagan Valley now boasts a new research hub, as UBC shifts the headquarters of its acclaimed Wine Research Centre (WRC) from its Vancouver campus to its Kelowna-based campus.


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