UBCO hosts a gala evening of art and entertainment

Art on the Line

Each year UBC Okanagan’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, in association with the Visual Arts Course Union, hosts a fundraiser and gala event that celebrates the work of local artists.


How are you kind?

UBCO Associate Professor John-Tyler Binfet, whose research focusses on measuring kindness in schools, children and adolescents, practices what he preaches. Binfet poses with his new rescue dog Craig.

World Kindness Day takes place on November 13. For some, it’s a time to focus on and promote the power of positivity. For others, it’s a day to celebrate the thoughtful acts performed by friends, family, neighbours and strangers.


Moral challenges still exist around medical assistance in dying

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While Canada may have legalized medical assistance in dying in 2016, the moral challenges continue for primary care workers, including nurse practitioners who can legally assess eligibility for and provide assisted death.

Business & Politics

New ‘hyper glue’ formula developed by UBCO and UVic researchers

From left: Kevin Golovin, Abbas Milani, Feng Jiang and Jeremy Wulff and part of the COMFORTS network, a team of researchers from UBC, UVic and the University of Alberta.

With many of the products we use every day held together by adhesives, researchers from UBC’s Okanagan Campus and the University of Victoria hope to make everything from clothing to medical implants and residential plumbing stronger and more corrosion-resistant thanks to a newly-developed ‘hyper glue’ formula.