Bee-decking the meadow: A community eco-art installation

Artist and sculptor Annabel Stanley, foreground, shows participants how to make coiled bumblebee ‘pots’ during a recent Pollinator Pasture event.

The last official week of summer holidays is the perfect time to celebrate art and nature together.


From head of the class to head of the boardroom, do grades really matter?

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As grade-schoolers concentrate on the three Rs, many university students are already planning their future careers. Many believe top grades are the key to landing successful jobs, but does this always hold true?


Better, cheaper bio-ink may be used to create artificial organs

UBC Okanagan’s Keekyoung Kim has great hopes for the bio-ink he is researching in his lab.

A new bio-ink that may support a more efficient and inexpensive fabrication of human tissues and organs has been created by researchers at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Business & Politics

City of Kelowna and UBC Okanagan sign cooperation agreement

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The City of Kelowna and UBC’s Okanagan Campus have a new tool in place to help guide their continued cooperation well into the future.