UBC Okanagan professor hosts international bee symposium

A mason bee

An international symposium on bees—with topics ranging from their health to their importance—takes place in Kelowna this month.


UBC Okanagan welcomes students back to campus

UBC President Santa Ono addresses a packed gymnasium as he welcomes more than 2,400 first-year students to the Okanagan campus.

With just one look at UBC Okanagan these days, it’s clear the campus continues to grow.


Artificial anti-oxidant may be the next go-to supplement

Gino DiLabio is a professor and head of the Department of Chemistry at UBC Okanagan

Researchers from UBC Okanagan and the University of Bologna have discovered that TEMPO—a well-known artificial anti-oxidant—is up to 100 times more powerful than nature’s best and could help counteract everything from skin damage to Alzheimer’s Disease.

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UBC engineers work to protect ecosystems

New research looks at impact of construction on natural habitats

Working with Bow River stakeholders in the Calgary area, UBC Okanagan researchers are investigating ways to reduce the negative impact of construction on sensitive aquatic ecosystems.