UBC’s summer residency brings artists into the studio

Patrick Lundeen’s The Elephant is an acrylic painting with plastic hands and beads on canvas. More of his work will be showcased during his residency program with UBC Okanagan’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies.

Artists given space to create work, design, learn, and teach


New research advances genetic studies in wildlife conservation

An elusive and climate-sensitive American pika (Ochotona princeps) calling. Image Credit: Philippe Henry, CC BY 4.0

‘Next-gen’ DNA sequencing of non-invasively collected hair expands field of conservation genetics


Health and sustainability promotion top priorities in Okanagan Charter

Historic first signatures are added to the Okanagan Charter at UBC Okanagan Thursday afternoon. From left, Tom Macauley, President of the UBC Students’ Union Okanagan, Jim Hamilton, President of Okanagan College, Enoch Weng, President of the Simon Fraser University Student Society, and Arvind Gupta, President of UBC.

A new international charter was signed today by universities and colleges from around the world committed to bringing health promotion and sustainability into all their policies and practices.

Business & Politics

School of Engineering gets $1.13M for transport research in South Asia

Rehan Sadiq, left, meets with fellow School of Engineering professors, Lukas Bichler, Ahmad Rteil, Kasun Hewage, (standing), Shahria Alam, and Joshua Brinkerhoff to discuss the four-year plan for their research project.

Four-year UBC project involves four countries, exchange opportunities for students.