UBC prescribes Medicine for Okanagan audiences

TJ Dawe, writer, director, and star of Medicine, November 20 and 21 at UBC’s University Theatre.

Award-winning writer to perform trippy autobiographical monologue.


Interactive learning tools help students map the brain

UBC Okanagan’s Bruce Mathieson has created an interactive technology tool to help his students map the brain.

UBC professor turns to technology to help students learn neuroanatomy.


Penticton adopts UBC nursing students’ Baby Friendly Initiative

Public health nurse Meggie Ross and UBC Okanagan nursing students Jamie Towert, Alyssa Sand, Paige Bunbury, and Amy Standcumbe (from left) pose with a promotional prop for Baby Friendly communities. The group recently discussed the Baby Friendly Community Initiative with the City of Penticton.

Group works to make breastfeeding in public more acceptable throughout the Okanagan.

Business & Politics

Research pokes holes in police tactics to obtain confessions of crime

Stephen Porter’s research team at UBC’s Okanagan campus has proven that police interview tactics can lead to false confessions from wrongly-accused people.

Study participants easily led to believe fake memory of criminal activities.