Position Distribution Plan

To the OUC Community,

The Transition Management Committee (TMC) has reached another milestone decision -- the allocation of continuing positions from OUC -- that will further the development of UBC Okanagan and the new Okanagan College.

The attached Position Distribution Plan (PDF) has been developed through a detailed and exhaustive process involving College and University representatives, the Integrated Transition Management Office (ITMO), the TMC and representatives from OUC. The outcome of the process -- described in the document -- is another important element in the transition equation, adding to the framework of the program distribution decision which the TMC communicated three weeks ago.

The allocation of positions follows the objectives, principles and processes as outlined in the document. This includes a detailed breakdown of the OUC positions that UBC Okanagan and the new Okanagan College will inherit. It should be noted that this is an allocation of positions -- not people. This document does not describe where OUC employees will work in the two-institution universe before us. Despite the fractions and seemingly precise numbers contained in the Plan, it is fundamentally an outline of the current OUC staffing complement that will be ascribed to each new institution.

This is an important document for UBC Okanagan and the new Okanagan College in developing their detailed staffing plans and determining the human resources required to deliver the programs they are committed to in their academic plans for 2005. It is anticipated that the new institutions will be in a position to extend offers of employment to individuals by the week of Nov. 29. The TMC is firmly committed to attempting to provide every OUC continuing employee with employment at either the new Okanagan College or UBC Okanagan.

Some points to note about this document:

  • The document addresses continuing positions at OUC and the allocation of the 836.2 full time equivalent positions to UBC Okanagan and the new Okanagan College.
  • It should also be noted that there is no reduction in OUC positions. In fact, there is an expectation of growth as the commitments of the Province (in terms of increased student FTEs) are realized.
  • Budgeted continuing positions at OUC that are currently unfilled or filled on a temporary basis, have been identified separately in the attached document and will be reviewed by the new Okanagan College and UBC Okanagan as part of their detailed staffing plans. As well, budgeted auxiliary positions will be reviewed as part of that process.

Again, your patience in this is appreciated. Many individuals are working diligently to ensure that answers for OUC's employees are available sooner rather than later.

We invite questions or comments about this document and its contents. Please direct your questions or comments for the TMC to Val Whitten, at valerie.whitten@ubc.ca.