UBC grows by more than 3,500 students

The University of British Columbia will grow by more than 3,500 students, when its new Okanagan campus opens in Kelowna next week.

They will join 43,000 students at UBC's Vancouver campus, when the upcoming school year kicks off September 6.

"This growth is an indication of our commitment to increase university access significantly for Okanagan students," said UBC President Martha Piper. "The new campus will play a vital role in providing more quality post-secondary choices in the Okanagan area, and expand educational opportunities across British Columbia."

"We are very pleased with the student response," says Barry McBride, Deputy Vice Chancellor for UBC Okanagan. "In the short time since the government announced the transformation of Okanagan University College into UBC Okanagan and Okanagan College, everyone has worked hard to deliver on the promise of increased access to post-secondary education in our part of the province."

UBC Enrollment

  • 3,500 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at UBC Okanagan (projected Sept. 2005)
  • 43,000 undergraduate and graduate student enrolled at UBC Vancouver (projected Sept. 2005)


  • First-year Arts and Science students will pay a base tuition of $4,092 at both UBC's Vancouver and Okanagan campuses
  • This is a two per cent increase from 2004/05 tuition at UBC Vancouver and is within the inflationary cap set by the provincial government

Awards and Financial Aid

  • The university is prepared to commit up to $7.5 million in student financial support at UBC Okanagan, in the form of bursaries, fellowships and awards, and approximately $36 million for its 43,000 students in Vancouver
  • UBC is one of only two Canadian universities with a policy that no qualified domestic students be denied access for financial reasons alone

Contact: Brian Silzer, Associate VP and Registrar, 604.822.3265 or Andrew Arida, Associate Director, UBC Student Recruitment and Advising, 604.822.2890

International Students

  • More than 3,400 international undergraduate students expected for 2005/06, up 15 per cent over last year
  • There are currently more than 5,200 international undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at UBC, representing 12 per cent of total enrollment
  • Registration from U.S. citizens in undergraduate programs continues to increase, up 40 per cent over last year

Contact: Lisa Fisher, International Student Initiative, 604.822.8804

Wireless UBC

  • All academic and student services buildings at UBC Okanagan are now connected to a high-speed wireless network, which will give students, faculty and staff greater access to the Internet when the school opens this fall. This is the first and largest wireless campus network in the Okanagan region.
  • Last year, UBC's University Networking Program completed Canada's largest wireless campus network at UBC's Vancouver campus, providing wireless access to more than 150 buildings and outdoor spaces

Contact: Jonn Martell, Manager IT Strategy, 604.822.9449

New Campus Facilities

  • Additional floors have been added to UBC Okanagan's Arts and Sciences buildings, creating 3,300 and 3,000 square meters of new space respectively
  • The seven-storey Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems / Computer Science (ICICS/CS) Addition, to be shared by ICICS and the UBC Dept. of Computer Science, has also been completed at the Vancouver campus
  • In addition, the new Irving K. Barber Learning Centre will add approximately 18,000 sq. metres of new building and more than 4,000 sq. metres of renovated floor space to Main Library. The centre will offer a state-of-the-art storage and retrieval system. Its first phase of construction will be completed in October

Contact: Randy Schmidt, UBC Public Affairs, 604.822.1266

UBC Okanagan Programs

  • UBC Okanagan welcomes its Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, the Faculty of Education, Engineering, Management, the School of Nursing, and its School of Social Work
  • The Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences was established through a $10-million donation by UBC alumnus Irving K. Barber
  • New academic programs at UBC Okanagan will also include pre-pharmacy, master of education programs, and courses in agroecology.

Contact: Bonnie Bates Gibbs, UBC Okanagan Public Affairs, 250.807.9166

Campus Life Programs in Vancouver

  • The Residence Sustainability Coordinator Program, the first and only program of its kind in Canada, provides important opportunities for first- and second-year student residents to learn about sustainability issues, network and make a difference
  • The Emerging Leaders Initiative prepares new students to assume a wide variety of leadership roles within the UBC community and beyond
  • The Trek Leadership Network helps students develop leadership skills through skills training, education and community service experience
  • Equity Student Ambassadors increase awareness on campus of human rights issues, including discrimination and harassment
  • UBC's Tri-Mentoring program links industry or faculty mentors to senior students, who at the same time mentor junior students, helping them make a successful transition to the challenges of university

Contact: Randy Schmidt, UBC Public Affairs, 604.822.1266


  • 6113 single student housing spaces and 905 family housing spaces at UBC's Vancouver campus
  • 460 single student housing spaces at UBC Okanagan
  • Construction of 560 new beds will be competed in Vancouver in the upcoming year, and construction on two new 180-bed residences is underway at UBC Okanagan
  • First-year students pay an average of $6,000 per year in residence fees, including meals

Contact: Fred Fotis, Director, Housing and Conferences, 604.822.5790

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