Blogs help prospective students discover UBC Okanagan

A new student blog program has been launched to help prospective students learn what life would be like as a UBC Okanagan student.

Since early February, UBC Okanagan students have been writing blogs to communicate their campus experiences. These online journals are helping people learn more about student life and providing a glimpse of what may be in store for them if they choose to study at UBC Okanagan, even if they come from a distance.

“Some students interested in studying at UBC Okanagan will not have the opportunity to visit our campus and hear stories first-hand from current UBC students,” notes Anne-Marie Jakobi, Associate Director of Student Recruitment and Advising.

“Student blogs will provide additional information to these prospective students and their families, putting a face on the student experience at UBC Okanagan and ultimately helping them make decisions about their post-secondary studies.”

Blogs have started popping up at universities across Canada, made popular by university students wanting to express their individuality, promote their interests and create a sense of campus community.

Rick Gandha is a current UBC Okanagan student participating in the student blog program. He sees student blogs playing a key role in shaping the campus life experience at UBC Okanagan. “I hope to get a sense of fulfillment and make a contribution to student life by being part of something new and exciting,” says Ghanda.

As the head resident of the Monashee residence, involved with many residence and campus activities, Ghanda uses his blog to tell others about campus and student life. “I like to blog about various things such as sports, activities that occur on a daily basis and my unique school experiences,” he says. Ghanda, a resident of Trail, also writes about his experience of moving and adjusting to Kelowna.

A third-year biology major and former Okanagan University College student, Ghanda hopes that the student blogs will help other people learn what it is like to be a student at UBC Okanagan, and to discover more about what goes on around the campus He also believes the blog project will lead UBC Okanagan to make its mark and develop a unique identity.

“I see UBC Okanagan as the new kid on the block of universities,” says Gandha. “With projects like the student blogs, I envision UBC Okanagan as growing into something that is extraordinary, not just another university.”

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