Interior Savings funds student laptop loaner program at UBC Okanagan

Students will soon be able to borrow laptop computers from the UBC Okanagan Library, thanks to a $15,000 gift from Interior Savings Credit Union to create a new student laptop loaner program.

"We are very proud to support this new program, expanding student access to up-to-date, flexible and portable technology that has become such an important part of education and learning today," said Barry Meckler, President and CEO of Interior Savings Credit Union. "We are excited about providing students with more opportunities to succeed, and the laptop loaner program does that in a very real way."

Library Services is purchasing 10 laptops for the program, which was developed in consultation with UBC Okanagan's Student Union and potential users of the program.

"While UBC Okanagan provides students with access to desktop computers in the Library, until now there has been no ability to loan out computers," said Gwen Zilm, Associate Vice President of UBC Okanagan's Learning Services Office. "Having computer access particularly portable computer access enables more efficient learning."

Melody Burton, Head Librarian at UBC Okanagan, noted that the program will allow students to use important electronic resources, including research databases and course materials, anywhere on campus.

"The purpose of a laptop program is to promote portability on campus," said Burton. "Students can move around the library or between buildings, laptop in hand, buddies at their sides and work collaboratively or simply take notes in class. This greatly expands the flexibility of UBC Okanagan students to study wherever they choose."

By the beginning of the next academic year in September, the computers will be available to registered students through Library Services in the UBC Okanagan Library.

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