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2008 summer field school student Sasha Moore digs carefully through a small section of land, looking for clues that may help shed light on the men who built the Kettle Valley Railway trestles at Myra Canyon in the 1910s.

UBC Okanagan summer field school returns to Myra Canyon

Want to learn about archeology and history -- and help uncover the past of the Kettle Valley Railway? The UBC Okanagan summer field school is gearing up for another season of discovery and learning at Myra Canyon in the rugged hills overlooking Kelowna. Set up by Richard Garvin, associate professor of archaeology, and Maury Williams, […]

English-speaking Canadians talk a foreign language – to each other

If you can’t tell a bunkie from a bangbelly don’t worry: it’s all part of being a Canuck. When you live in a country the size of Canada, different regions are going to develop unique ways of speaking about things relevant to their area, says Christine Schreyer, assistant professor of anthropology at UBC Okanagan. She […]