Several Okanagan admin units reorganized to focus on campus operations and planning

Following a number of administrative and operational reorganizations on the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, the following provides additional context of those changes relevant to the Okanagan community.  As of January 2, 2014, the following changes will be in place:

A new name

The Administration and Finance portfolio will become Okanagan Finance and Operations, a title better aligned with the priorities and true nature of the portfolio.

View the new organizational chart (PDF)

Campus Operations and Risk Management

This unit, to be led by Shelley Kayfish as Director, Campus Operations and Risk Management, will focus on providing great campus experiences while ensuring a healthy and safe campus environment. Reporting to Shelley will be:

  • Facilities Management (Roger Bizzotto)
  • Parking & Security (Garry Appleton)
  • Risk Management Services (a new unit which will formally include Enterprise Risk Management and Continuity Planning)
  • Campus Mail (maintaining a dual report with Campus Mail in Vancouver)

Campus Planning and Development

This unit will report jointly to the AVP Finance and Operations and the AVP Campus and Community Planning in Vancouver, and will be responsible for long-range planning (for example, the Okanagan Campus Master Plan), capital planning, space planning, project management and operational sustainability.

A search will begin for a Director to lead this unit and oversee various future-oriented campus planning and infrastructure development functions already taking place within the AVP Finance and Operations portfolio and to closely work with local internal and external stakeholders including the City of Kelowna.  Reporting to the Director will be:

  • Sustainability Operations (Leanne Bilodeau)
  • Project Management (Justin Allaire)
  • Space Coordination (Laural Friesen)
  • Campus Planner (new position)

Other changes

  • The Okanagan Ceremonies and Events unit led by Alanna Vernon will report to University Relations.
  • Sue Belton, Curator of the Okanagan Public Art Collection, will report to the Chief Librarian.
  • Lisa Colby has been appointed Managing Director, Housing and Relocation Services and will jointly report to the VP Human Resources and to the Vice-Provost, Academic Affairs. Lisa will continue to remain Acting AVP, Campus and Community Planning, until a new leader in appointed in the New Year.
  • Gabrielle Armstrong is now Senior Manager, Consultation, and will provide system-wide consultation support for Campus Planning using processes tailored to the unique nature of each consultation exercise, while still meeting procedural requirements of applicable legislation and regulations. The unit will provide reports to the Board on major land-use decisions, both at the summary and at the detail level.
  • An integrated Communication unit is being created for Vancouver’s Finance, Resources and Operations portfolio, in line with the communication strategy suggested in the President’s letter to the community this fall.