Academic Plan meeting details added

Academic Planning Process

An Academic Plan Working Group, a sub-set of the UBC Okanagan Academic Advisory Council, is working with the Okanagan University College and UBC communities to forge an academic plan for UBC Okanagan.

Academic Plan Pizza Parties

"Refine UBC Okanagan Community Strategy" Pizza Party

8-Mar-2005 -- Meeting Report (PDF)
Lead: Peter Wylie

Mini Workshops

First-Year Common Experience Mini-Workshop

3-Mar-2005 -- Meeting Report (PDF)
17-Feb-2005 -- Meeting Report (PDF)
Leads: Bernard Bauer and Robert Belton

Mini Project #1: Finding Ways to Model and Teach Global Citizenship

4-Mar-2005 -- Meeting Report (PDF)
Lead: Stan Chung ( and Peter Urmetzer (

Mini-Project #2: Making Student Life Great

18-Feb-2005 -- Meeting Report (PDF)

Mini-Project #3: Developing UBC Okanagan Research Meeting Schedule

23-Feb-2005 -- Meeting Report (PDF)
Leads: Cynthia Mathieson ( & Stephen Foster (

Academic Plan Core Team


If you would like to send us your feedback on the Academic Planning Process or would like more information, please contact us by e-mail at

Deadline for feedback on the draft Academic Plan is March 15, 2005.