University Students Make Ready, Motivated Employees

Career Services Manager Shawn  Swallow welcomes Okanagan businesses to attend  a special career fair on campus this fall

Career Services Manager Shawn Swallow welcomes Okanagan businesses to attend a special career fair on campus this fall

Scholars offer a great solution in a help wanted business world

UBC Okanagan’s Career Services team says help is on the way for the many Central Okanagan businesses posting help wanted signs these days. A career fair is being planned for early November to help businesses tap in to student employment, but employers don’t have to wait that long to start connecting with students.

“We had 470 university graduates in June and next year we’ll have another large class of graduates – that’s a lot of educated, motivated people entering the workforce,” said Shawn Swallow, Manager of Career Services at UBC Okanagan.

“We’re holding the career fair to show businesses in the region just how great this opportunity can be for them to find high-quality, well-educated future employees.”

With rapid student population growth planned between now and 2010 – when UBC Okanagan’s enrollment is expected to reach 7,500 full-time students – Swallow and his team are encouraging businesses in the region to begin raising their profile on campus now.

“This year we’ll have over 4,000 highly skilled students in engineering, management, sciences, nursing, the arts and humanities, education, and in graduate studies,” says Swallow. “Now is the time to get involved and be part of this growing campus community.”

UBC Okanagan will hold its first-annual Career Fair on November 1 and 2, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Student Services Building. For information about being part of the Career Fair, Swallow can be reached at 250-807-9223.

The Career Services office is also able to assist businesses seeking part-time help.

“We’re expecting hundreds of additional students in September — including a large group of international students who can now obtain an Off-Campus Work Permit and can work up to 20 hours off campus. That means plenty of part-time help available for businesses seeking enthusiastic student employees,” said Swallow.

“Many students want to work a few hours a week or weekends, while others may be available on a more extensive basis. Chances are, you’ll find a UBC Okanagan student ready and willing to work for your business – these are motivated young people who could even become your most valued permanent employees one day.”