Sound and sculpture exhibition opens Wednesday at UBC Okanagan

An exhibition of work by UBC Okanagan Fine Arts alumna Danielle Helen Ray Dickson opens at UBC Okanagan's FINA Gallery this Wednesday, Sept. 5. Between Fear and Enthrallment is an installation that consists of six sound recorded works installed into sculptural pieces attached to the gallery wall.

The individual sound recordings, which are looped for continuous play, represent the seven basic human emotions of fear, guilt, anger, love, joy, surprise, and enthrallment.

"When we succumb to any one emotion, a level of vulnerability opens up within us and we become unguarded -- whether in laughter or tears we are open in ways we do not allow ourselves in our everyday tasks," says Dickson.

"Witnessing that vulnerability in someone else is something precious, an honor that they feel as though they can succumb to that state in front of you," the artist notes. "Many people pride themselves on showing very little emotion and in turn it seems as though they do not know how to react when they encounter someone who is secure enough to show emotion."

Between Fear and Enthrallment was exhibited in Quebec City earlier this year, and now Kelowna audiences have an opportunity to experience this “enthralling” work. The show opens with a public reception from 5 to 7 p.m., tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 5) in the FINA Gallery, Fine Arts and Health Building at UBC Okanagan.

The exhibition runs from Sept. 5 to 14, during regular gallery hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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