2 responses to “New aboriginal student advisor has strong Okanagan and UBC roots”

  1. I think I need some advice from you. I applied (student no.60130144), and admissions is questioning my application. I wanted to study for the Bachelor or Fine Arts, but maybe that’s not what I should be doing? If it’s possible I would really like to talk to someone. My phone: (250) 395-5301. I intend on hand delivering my portfolio. I have not yet received permission to do that. I’m expecting a return telephone call. Might I be able to have a meeting with you at that time. I’m coming from 100 Mile House.

    Yours truly,
    Larry Starnes, CGA

    1. Larry,
      I have passed along your inquiry to one of our Aboriginal Student Advisors, Anthony Isaac. If you do not hear a response by Friday, please contact me at 250.807.9376.
      thank you,
      Dan Odenbach
      Aboriginal Program Administrator