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Current edition: June 6, 2018

Current edition: June 6, 2018

Current Edition:
June 6, 2018

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Library renovations to start soon

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This summer, the first floor of the library will undergo a renovation. Once construction begins (mid- to late-June), there will be some changes to community and guest services.

Work Study projects funded

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The Work Study program received 112 funding applications for over $1,429,460 from faculty and staff across campus this spring. 59 of these applications were approved for full or partial funding.

Share your #UBCOGrad moments

Graduation spotlight

In order to give all soon-to-be alumni the best graduation experience possible, make sure to participate in #UBCOgrad through UBC Okanagan digital and social media channels.

The parking permit that you're still displaying...

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Displaying the permit on your mirror is no longer required. Compliance is based on the license plate, not the hanging permit. The permit is no longer looked at.

Peer Writing Group Network now accepting applications

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The College of Graduate Studies, in collaboration with the Centre for Scholarly Communication, is currently recruiting graduate students for the summer intake of its Peer Writing Group Network.

Workshops at a glance: May 2, 2018

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Here are some professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and graduate students at UBC Okanagan over the next few weeks.