Student rap video promotes water-conserving xeriscape gardens

November 17, 2010

Student rap video promotes water-conserving xeriscape gardens

Student Graham Campbell has produced a rap video as a term project and as an entry in the Invent the Future Contest 2010. The video promotes the sustainable gardening practices of water-saving xeriscaping.

“North Americans are the biggest water users in the world, over 300 liters per day, per person. That is unacceptable if you ask me,” says Campbell. “Think of the water we could save if no one watered their yards. It is time to take measures to reduce our water usage.”

Campbell is a student of Mary Stockdale, who teaches Community, Culture and Global Studies courses on Development of Environmental Thought and Community Food Security in the Okanagan.

The video was inspired by a recent guest lecture on lawns and water use by Anna Warwick Sears, executive director of the Okanagan Basin Water Board.

The video is online and so is the voting for the contest, sponsored by BC Hydro’s PowerSmart program.

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  1. That’s great!! Excellent job!